Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Location: Heritage Memorial Church, Heritage Memorial Church, 1867 Old US 35 NW, Washington Court House, OH US 43160

Kidz Service - Kidz Room
Youth - Kline Family Center

ADULT ELECTIVES - 4 Weeks (August 7 - 28)
Classes Offered:

Dr. Tom Beyl : "Pro-Active Christianity in a Sinful, Dying World": Answering what Christians should be doing in a world where each day seems darker, and more chaotic.  As the Return of Jusus and His Seond Coming appear closer than ever, some want to hid in bunkers or go into a survivalist mode. But Jesus told servants in the parable of the minas, "Occupy until I come." (Luke 10:13 KJV)  The Greek word for "occupy" means to "TAKE CHARGE" of the business or duties given us.  We can take back our Nation and our community if God's people will take a committed stand against Satan.

This study will analyze the current events and news AND the prophetic warnings the Bible foretells about the "Last Days."  Our emphasis will be on Jesus' admonition to overcome and do His will until the end. 
Let's understand the attacks our Community and Nation are suffering, and take them back under the rule and authority of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bruce Morrison: "The Heritage JOURNEY": This is our "welcome home" class to all newcomers and those who even attending for years want to know more about who Heritage is, and how God will use YOUR unique talents and passions to continue His work here at Heritage.  As each of us starts this journey to Who We Are, Jumping In, and Plugging In, our church becomes stronger and our community positively changed!

Pastor Joy Stanforth: "How Does God Look At My House?": How do I take church home with me?  Do I live it out with our children 7 days a week?  Get ready to "live out" Deuteronomy 6:4-9!  Commit to raise your children in a home culture where nurturing relationships with God trumps all else! Class Topics include:  Relationship; Family Devotions; Fanukt Servanthood and Sharing Jesus; and Keeping the Walk Clean. 

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