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Weadette Burge


Papua New Guinea

Benji and Erica Jenkins

Field Director for Honduras
David and Debbie Hawk

Regional Directors the the Caribbean, Central,
North America and Mexico
Terry and Colleen  Hawk

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Heritage Memorial Church has a great heritage in the area of foreign missions. It begins with the story of a young couple who attended the old Gregg St. Church. The late Don and Twana Hawk sold their family farm, took their two pre-school sons and headed for Honduras with the vision of establishing a farm school that would board underprivileged boys. The ongoing ministry of Escuela El Sembrador has changed the lives of thousands of young men. Many churches throughout Honduras are pastored by men that once attended Escuela El Sembrador. The Hawk's passed on a passion for missions to their children which is evidenced in the lives of their children that have or are now serving on mission fields.

In 1979, the late Ken Lister and his wife Carol became associated with Heritage Memorial. This missionary couple served in Kenya, Africa for 25 years. They also ministered in Barbados. After retirement they returned to minister on the American Indian Field and in Uganda.

One of the primary ways people at Heritage get to experience a little of life on a mission field, is to go on a work team trip. Every year or so, a work team goes to some field to help with building, remodeling, or other projects. Heritage work teams have labored in Papua new Guinea, Texas-Mexican Border, American Indian Field, Honduras, Bolivia, Kenya, and St. Croix. The first work team sent out from the old Gregg St. Church was in 1976, when a youth team went to Honduras.