Heritage Memorial is actively looking for ways to serve others in our community by “Building a Bridge” to our community through servant evangelism. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where people are intentionally looking for ways to serve our community with “no strings attached,” where individuals and small groups create opportunities to serve, and where we become known in our community not for our programs, but for our love.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when choosing a project.

Choose a project below or create your own project.

Get organized. Do all the behind-the-scenes preparations in advance so that when the time arrives to complete the project, everything is ready. Make sure you have permission (if necessary) to be serving where you’re doing the outreach.

Keep in mind that projects should be…

  1. FREE with “no strings attached.” The purpose of the project is not to hand out Bible tracts or to preach at people. The purpose is to simply show people we care by demonstrating loving acts of kindness.
  2. Supportive of local businesses. We want to be known in the community by serving, more than soliciting donations. If your project is located near a business that has the items you need, buy the items from that business.
  3. Practical and Inexpensive. Choose projects that are easy to do according to the number of people involved in serving, the time needed, and the finances needed to complete the project.
  4. Interactive. Choose projects that enable you to interact and create conversations with people.
  5. Pray. Pray for God’s blessing as you serve. As you serve, do it with a spirit of humility and dependence on God.
  6. Give out our church info. Handouts containing basic information about Heritage Memorial and are available at the church office.
  7. What do you say when people ask, “Why are you doing this?” Keep it simple and loving by saying, “We’re here today to show you we care.” That simple statement often sparks further conversation for you to simply say, “We are demonstrating God’s love in a very practical way.”
  8. Consider emailing us at pastorjustin@heritagewch.com and let us know how your project goes as well as any photos of the project.

Outreach Ideas

Assist with landscaping once a month during the spring, summer and fall. Things like help put out flowers, weed flower beds, mowing, etc…

Adopt a Senior by sending a card or writing to them, maybe even once a month. Some of these elderly people have no relatives left and get very little mail.

Deliver meals to seniors.

Yard Clean Up: Offer to rake leaves, pull weeds, or plant flowers for homes in your neighborhood.

Snow Removal: Offer to shovel snow for your neighbors

Newspaper and Coffee Giveaways: Buy some newspapers and coffee and give them away. This can be great on a Sunday morning.

Local School Projects: Contact a local school and see if you can help with any landscaping, provide food for teachers before parent/teacher conferences, or provide breakfast for teachers.

Breakfast on the Go: Give away granola bars, toaster pastries, or donuts along with coffee and hot chocolate to people at a local business, college campus, or wherever people are on the go in the morning.

Gas Cards: Buy some gas cards from a local gas station and distribute them.

Phone Cards: Buy some phone cards and distribute them at a local college campus or on significant holiday weekends like Mother’s Day.

Laundromat Washer and Dryer Payments: Show up at a Laundromat and give away quarters to pay for people’s laundry.

Totally Free Car Wash: Hold a free car wash that is really free, “no donations accepted.”

Appreciation for Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs: Provide a meal or basket of fruit with a card of appreciation for local public servants.

Business Blast: Serve employees at a business with drinks, candy, flowers, or lunch. This act of kindness can be especially helpful during the holidays.

Park Giveaways: Show up at a park and give away bottled water, doggie treats, balloons, popsicles, or ice cream.

Golf Ball or Tee Giveaway: Next time you join some friends to golf, show up early and give away golf balls and/or golf tees. This can be great on a Saturday morning. Make sure you make arrangements with the golf course and that you purchase the balls and tees from them.

Meals on Us: Buy someone’s meal at a restaurant or buy the meal of the person behind you in the drive-thru.

Car Drying at Self-Serve Car Washes: After making arrangements with the owner of the car wash, offer to dry cars as people are pulling out of the self-serve washing stalls.