One can worship at Heritage Memorial Church at any time, but formal worship services occur at 4 different times each week. Each of these services has a unique style and format but the message is always Jesus Loves You.

Sunday mornings are welcomed at 8:45am each week with a service some would call “traditional”. In this service the congregation, accompanied by piano sings familiar hymns and songs of praise. Modern visual and sound technology is used to enhance the worship experience. As in all our services, the message that salvation through Jesus Christ is the answer to our needs is the focal point of this service. Everyone should feel welcome by the friendly atmoshpere of this service.

At 11am on Sunday mornings we pull out all the stops. This very high energy service with an excellent worship team accompanied by a great worship band. The congregation is very involved. The latest in visual and sound technology is used throughout the service to help one keep up with the fast paced program. Often a drama team or a video clip will set the stage for the message of the day. Pastor Bruce Morrison brings the message of salvation in such creative ways in this service that one never knows what will happen next. The message is for all of God’s children and everyone will feel the love of Jesus as well as the love of the people of Heritage in this service.

A Sunday evening worship begins at 6pm. This service is kind of a cross between the above services. It is not as high energy as the morning service but is conducted in a worship team format. Usually we are praising the Lord for the great services we had in the morning and preparing ourselves for the week to come. This service also has a very friendly atmosphere and is usually followed by a great deal of fellowship and conversation after the service.

Each Wednesday evening at 7pm is the weekly prayer and praise service. Everyone is welcome to this service. It is conducted in a traditional format with singing of familiar hymns accompanied by the piano. There is a very relaxed atmosphere in which people feel free to testify and praise God for the good things He has done for them. Prayer requests are taken and prayed for at this service. An inspirational message from our pastor caps this service and a good deal of fellowship follows.