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Covid-19 Crisis & Patients, and the families of those who are dealing with health issues, many alone in hospitals during necessary procedures. Never forget to lift up our Government leaders - Federal, State, and Local. They are making difficult decisions in circumstances that NONE of us have ever experienced before.

Also, Pray for our Pastors  and support staff, Media, and Praise Teams, as they are making preparations and creating procedures to keep people safe yet help return to Church in live gatherings.  

Pray for and encourage  each other and especially those who cannot access the Internet services.  Pray for safety in homes where domestic violence is not uncommon, these are stressful days making things worse for many  families.

Molly Copas & Famiy
Phillip Carroll
Bob & Gayle Carroll
Carla and Randy Deatley
Tom Duke
Gary Freeland
Sharon Freeland
Terry Hawk
Debi Miner

 As  of:  May 27, 2020

 Our efforts to keep our prayer list current depend on YOU.
Please notify the church office if any of our church family is in the hospital, moves into a nursing facility, or passes on. Help us to remember them and provide updates as their situations change. 

Thank you!


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