Imitators of God Walk in Light

Jul 12, 2020 | Bruce Morrison

Imitators of God Walk in Light

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Being an imitator of Jesus means we view things differently than the world. This means we answer questions differently about significant goals in life. We have different priorities in our life than a person who does not know Jesus. We strive not to please men and people, but we strive to please Christ.  In his letter to the Ephesian Christians, the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 5:1a, “Therefore be imitators of God.” This is one of the most startling admonitions in the New Testament. It is the only place in the entire Bible where Christians are commanded to imitate God. What does that mean? And how are Christians to imitate God? That is what we will be examining in our series titled, “Be Imitators of God.”

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